Questions and answers

Insel Premium is Inselspital’s ward for supplementary insurance holders. The ward treats acute somatic patients, inpatients, or patients with semi-private or private insurance in all specialist fields. Those with medical contraindications (intensive care or intermediate care unit, isolation) who require a highly specialised care setting are not cared for at Insel Premium. You can, of course, enjoy all the additional benefits commensurate with your insurance class at the relevant specialist clinic. Women who have recently given birth, newborns and children with supplementary insurance, as well as patients undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, are treated in the specialist clinics on site, where they also benefit from the additional services for patients with private and semi-private insurance.

First and foremost, you need semi-private or private supplementary hospital insurance. If you have Flex insurance, please inform your insurer/us in good time before being admitted that you would like to be treated in the semi-private/private ward. Information on insurance cover can be found here. Your specialist clinic will offer you Premium services, provided you have no medical contraindications or special infrastructural requirements. If you don’t have semi-private or private supplementary insurance, you can simply pay to upgrade to a semi-private or private ward to enjoy all the benefits of Insel Premium. The best thing to do is to ask your insurance company and our Patient Management team about your options for upgrading.

Patients with supplementary insurance who cannot be cared for at Insel Premium because they require special care (newborns, children, women who have recently given birth, patients in intensive care or IMC units, isolation or in outpatient treatment and rehabilitation) receive corresponding additional services in the relevant specialist departments or clinics. These include single and twin rooms, free choice of doctor, additional menu options and much more.