Our specialists are among the best

Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, is a centre of medical expertise and knowledge with international appeal. Our highly qualified specialists carry out their work with passion and conviction. As a Premium patient with semi-private or private supplementary insurance, you can benefit from the following additional services:

  • Free choice of personal specialist (up to senior consultant level)
  • Treatment by your personal specialist with daily rounds (Mon.–Fri.)
  • More and longer visits than usual for optimal care
  • Personal care from admission to discharge
  • Meeting with your specialist upon admission and discharge
  • Free choice of additional specialists for complex issues
  • Prioritisation and consideration of your individual preferences when planning operations and examinations
  • Information for relatives provided by your personal specialist
  • Largest possible number of highly qualified specialists to choose from due to university environment

Additional benefits for privately insured persons:

  • Free choice of personal specialist up to the level of senior consultant